Asthma in Kids

Asthma in Kid

Currently, there is noestablished method to determine which specific child will develop asthma, but researchers have discovered particular triggers for asthma in children:

  1. Prominent family history of asthma or allergies
  2. Acute obesity and overweight
  3. Antenatal and postpartum contact with tobacco smoke
  4. Exposure to smoking
  5. Identified allergic reactions, including skin and food allergies or hay fever
  6. Exposure to pollen , dust smoke and other pollutants
  7. Residing in a location with elevated air pollution
  8. Cold air or wind and sudden drop in temperature
  9. Viral URTI (upper respiratory tract infection)

Although there is no permanent cure for asthma in children, if left unmanaged can cause lasting lung damage. With today’s advanced medication and treatment techniques asthma can be controlled and managed in most children.

A child may find it difficult to explain symptoms or the discomfort in detail when it comes to detecting asthma. You need to contact your GP if you notice that your child is experiencing one or more of the below symptoms,

  • Constant coughing and/or an increase in coughing worsened by viral infections triggered during sleep, while exercising or exposure to damp or cold air
  • Heavy wheezing or a whistling like sound when exhaling
  • Chest compression which a child could indicate as “chest hurts, or chest feels weird”
  • Shortness of breath or quick pace breathing
  • Getting tired quickly or indicating slowing down or completely stop playing
  • Constant interruptions in sleeping and shifted sleeping patterns due to coughing or problems in breathing
  • Infants – feeding problems and continuous snorting while being fed

Asthma is an energy- draining illness. A precise detection, a focused asthma action plan and working together with an allergist / immunologist can aid your child to enjoy daily life and activities with family and friends.


By Dr. Govind Kotha | Family First General Practice | Franklin, ACT