The Impact Of COVID-19 On Mental Health and Wellbe

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Mental Health and Wellbeing in Australia By Dr. Govind Kotha | Family First General Practice | Franklin, ACT

Around the world, anxiety, depression, and psychological wellbeing issues were in the rise during the past few years. COVID-19’s rapid spread is adding to this impact with high-level of death and illness and increasing unemployment.  

Australia was already critically affected due to bushfires and experienced a declining psychological wellbeing right before the pandemic started disturbing our lives. The repercussion of the pandemic is currently making it worse and we, as a nation needs to be aware and be kind to each other without blame and discrimination.


Based on recent research conducted by the Australian National University, Canberra, ACT (published on 06 October 2020), the following emotional triggers are newly affecting mental wellbeing among Australians :


  •  panic about potential exposure to infection,
  •  sudden loss of employment,
  •  unbearable financial burden,
  •  intense experiences from past traumatic events, and
  •  continuous social separation


The most susceptible groups to endure these forces are people with terminal illnesses, people positioned in quarantine, people with friends or family who have been infected by COVID-1 and people working in occupations that potentially subject them to infection.


It is important to note that for most, anxiety, depression and other psychological barriers will deteriorate over time as the disease is restrained.


The authorities and other organisations promoting mental wellbeing in Australia are working on ensuring that heightened risk of long-term mental health problems is examined and minimized.


The most notable support available at present is giving mental health screening assistance for COVID-19 patients, reinforcing mental health support practices for health care employees, offering technology-enabled mental health services (such as telehealth platforms) and delivering reliable information.


By Dr. Govind Kotha | Family First General Practice | Franklin, ACT