Since 1988, 01 December was allocated annually as the international World AIDS Day. It is reserved to increase awareness in communities of the AIDS pandemic set off by HIV infection and remember the ones who lost lives, friends, and family from the disease.


At this time, we are fully aware that COVID-19 is a life-threatening infection. It is prepared to strike severely at the nations with the highest burden of HIV very quickly. Everybody, along with individuals living with HIV, must follow the advised safety measures to lower contact with COVID-19.


The magnitude of HIV medication in recent years has improved. However, approximately 15 million people living with HIV in the world, have limited or no access to antiretroviral therapy, which may well damage their immune systems getting exposed to COVID-19.


The practical knowledge acquired from the HIV outbreak can be used to combat against COVID-19. Like in the AIDS support system, authorities need to work with communities to accelerate long-lasting solutions to mitigate the risk of this combination.


The national World AIDS Day theme for Australia in 2020 is Now More Than Ever. World AIDS Day seeks to inspire Australians to educate themselves and others about HIV; to make a start to decrease the transmission of HIV by encouraging prevention approaches; and to make sure that people living with HIV can be a part within the community and be active, with no discredit and discrimination.


As responsible citizens, there are many steps we can take to support these causes. We can encourage the community to understand how HIV is transmitted and how to prevent it from escalating and inspire the community to understand people living with HIV. 

By Dr. Govind Kotha | Family First General Practice | Franklin, ACT